Lattice Location and Luminescence Behavior of Rare Earth Elements Implanted in GaN


Single crystalline GaN-layers were implanted with radioactive 167Tm and 169yb ions, and their lattice sites were determined using the emission channeling technique. After the decay of 167Tm to 167Er, photoluminescence studies were performed. Upon room temperature implantation, rare earth atoms immediately occupy relaxed substitutional sites with an average relaxation of about 0.025 nm. Isochronal annealing treatments up to 800 °C and co-implantation of oxygen to a dose an order of magnitude greater than that of the Tm or Yb do not influence the rare earth lattice sites. A variety of different rare earth related luminescence lines are observed, and co-implantation of oxygen strongly changes the line intensities.

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We want to thank A.D. Banks for reading the manuscript. This work was financially supported by the German Bundesminister für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologic The work at NCSU was supported by the Office of Naval Research on N00014-92-J-1720 and N00014-92-J-1477. C.R. is grateful for funding by the DFG (Ro 1198/2-1).

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