Optical and Structural Properties of α-Si1−xCx Films


In this paper, we reported experimental results about optical and structural properties of amorphous silicon carbide (α-Si1−xCx). The films of α-Si1−xCx were grown by CVD on substrate of quartz glass. Optical constants (n-refractive index, α-absorption coefficient, Eg-optical energy band gap) of these films were determined by transmission spectra. The radial distribution functions (RDFs) of α-Si1−xCx films were drawn out from the data of x-ray diffraction spectra. According to the RDFs, we imagined the statistic scene from which we could obtain the information of atomic radial distribution. The bond lengths and bond numbers of Si-Si, Si-C, and C-C could be also determined by RDFs. From the analysis of Raman spectra, we obtained the information of their vibration state density, and discerned the peaks of bond vibration, which agreed well with the results of a-Si1−xCx RDF.

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