Fabrication of Highly Oriented, Smooth Diamond Films on Silicon for Electronic Devices


A new bias-enhanced nucleation method based on an AC-bias step to form highly oriented diamond (HOD) nuclei on silicon substrates is presented. The uniformity of the nucleated film and the bias time strongly depended on the substrate temperature and the substrate holder. In our case the shortest bias time and highest nucleation densities were achieved at ~ 850°C while using a graphite susceptor. Following this nucleation enhancement step the diamond films were grown out using conditions employing an α-parameter slightly greater than 2. This ultimately leads to extremely smooth and well-faceted (100) textured HOD films which could be used as substrates for the fabrication of electronic devices.

Schottky diodes with high rectification ratios and high breakdown voltages have been fabricated for the first time via selective growth of the active boron doped diamond layers on these HOD films. Results of the growth procedure and diode performance will be given.

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We gratefully acknowledge the funding which was provided for by the German Ministry of Research and Education (BMDF).

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