Ion Induced Damage and their Annealing in LiTaO3 Single Crystal

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LiTaO3 single crystals have been implanted with 100 keV oxygen ions at room temperature with doses of 1×1014 /cm2, 6xl014/cm2, 1.2x1015/cm2, 6xl015/cm2, and 2xl016/cm2. Annealing temperatures ranged from 550 °C to 1075 °C. RBS-channeling and TEM were used for characterization. For partially damaged samples, complete recovery of the crystalline structure was achieved after annealing at 550 °C, which is below the Curie temperature. For totally amorphized samples, thermal annealing induced multidomain growth. These domains extend beyond the original amorphous/crystal interface deep into bulk (1 – 1.5 μm ).

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