In sito Ion Beam Analysis of Radiation Damage Kinetics in MgTiO3 Single Crystals at 170-470 K


Radiation damage kinetics in synthetic MgTiO3 (geikielite) single crystals have been studied using thein situ ion beam facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The geikielite samples were irradiated at temperatures of 170, 300, and 470 K with 400 keV xenon ions and the radiation damage was sequentially measured with Rutherford backscattering using a 2 MeV He ion beam along a channeling direction. Threshold doses of 1 and 5×1015 Xe/cm2 were determined for the crystalline-to-amorphous transformation induced by Xe ion irradiation at 170 and 300 K, respectively. However, geikielite retained its crystallinity up to a dose of 2.5x1016 Xe/cm2 at the irradiation temperature of 470 K. This study has shown that MgTiO3, which has a corundum derivative structure, is another radiation resistant material that has the potential for use in radiation environments.

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