Cantilever Beam Stress Measurements During Ion Irradiation


In-situ stress measurements on single crystal MgO and A1203 have been performed during ion irradiation. A cantilevered beam sample arrangement was used, with the stress in the implanted layer determined from the deflection of the sample as measured by the change in capacitance between the free end of the sample and a reference electrode. Point defect concentrations are obtained by dividing the volume strain by the defect relaxation volume, with saturation values of 0.8 to 1.2% obtained for 1.0 MeV Ne, Ar and Kr irradiations. Defect production is sublinear with dose, with an efficiency of less than 25% compared to Kinchin-Pease predictions. Ionization induced annealing is evaluated with 1.0 MeV He and 1.0 MeV H irradiations following heavy ion irradiation.

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