Shallow and Deep Level Defects in GaN


Shallow and deep electronic defects in MOCVD-grown GaN were characterized by variable temperature Hall effect measurements, deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) and photoemission capacitance transient spectroscopy (O-DLTS). Unintentionally and Si-doped, n-type and Mg-doped, p-type GaN films were studied. Si introduces a shallow donor level into the band gap of GaN at ∼Ec - 0.02 eV and was found to be the dominant donor impurity in our unintentionally doped material. Mg is the shallowest acceptor in GaN identified to date with an electronic level at ∼Ev + 0.2 eV. With DLTS deep levels were detected in n-type and p-type GaN and with O-DLTS we demonstrate several deep levels with optical threshold energies for electron photoemission in the range between 0.87 and 1.59 eV in n-type GaN.

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