Photoluminescence and Sims Studies of Hydrogen Passivation of Mg-Doped P-Type Gallium Nitride


The effects of hydrogen passivation in MOCVD grown Mg doped p-type GaN were studied using low temperature (5K) photoluminescence (PL) and secondary-ion-mass spectroscopy (SIMS). GaN films with different Mg doping level were annealed at 700° C in N2 ambient with different annealing times. The SIMS results indicate that the hydrogen concentration increases with increasing Mg doping level in the as-grown Mg:GaN film. After 20 minutes of annealing, most of the hydrogen escapes from the film. The 3.455 eV PL peak before annealing and the 3.446 eV peak after annealing found in the Mg doped samples were attributed to the exciton bound to the Mg-H complex and to the Mg acceptor, respectively. The shift of the bound exciton peak to higher energy (3.465 eV) in the lightly doped sample is due to an effective n-type compensation associated with an annealing-induced increase in the nitrogen vacancies. In heavily doped Mg:GaN, the decreases in the integrated PL intensity after 700° C annealing may be associated with the hydrogen depassivation of nonradiative recombination centers in the film. The increase of PL intensity in the lightly doped sample after annealing is attributed to the reduction of defects by the annealing process.

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