AlN Films Deposited by LP-MOCVD Atomic Layer Deposition at Lower Temperatures Using DMEAA and Ammonia


We have investigated the deposition of AlN thin films on Si(100), Al2O3(0001), and Al2O3(0112) substrates at lower temperatures (523–723 K) using a novel aluminum source, dimethylethylamine:alane (DMEAA), with ammonia as a nitrogen source in a low-pressure MOCVD atomic layer growth process. At reactor pressures of 25 and 50 Torr a four-step sequence of reactant flow steps separated by flush steps was cycled. We observed a tendency toward a self-limiting growth rate as the DMEAA step flow time was increased. The deposition uniformity was observed to be dependent on temperature and non-uniform deposition occurred at higher temperatures. The microstructure and crystalline orientation were examined using x-ray diffraction and crystalline A1N films were deposited at temperatures as low as 573 K. Crystallite size decreased with substrate temperature and at 523 K. amorphous films were deposited. At T > 650 K preferentially oriented crystalline films were deposited with orientations of Si(100)//AIN(0001), Al2O3(0001)//AIN(0001), Al2O3(0112)//AIN(11 20).

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