AlGaInN Quaternary Alloys by MOCVD


AlGaInN quaternary alloy based devices can cover the emission wavelength from deep UV to red. This Quaternary alloy also offers lattice matched heterostructures for both optical and microwave devices. We will report on the MOCVD growth of AlxGa1−x-yInyN (0<x<0.12), (0<y<0.15) at 750 °C on sapphire substrates, using TMG, EDMIn, TMAl and NH3 precursors. Chemical composition, lattice constants and bandgaps of the grown films were determined by EDS, X-ray diffraction and room temperature PL. Data indicates that the lattice constants can also be deduced using Vegard's law, indicating a solid solution of this alloy. PL showed band edge emission, however emission from deep levels was also observed. Optimized growth conditions and heterostructures using this quaternary alloy will be presented.

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