A New Local Electronic Stopping Model for the Monte Carlo Simulation of Arsenic Ion Implantation into (100) Single-Crystal Silicon


In this paper is reported the development and implementation of a new local electronic stopping model for arsenic ion implantation into single-crystal silicon. Monte Carlo binary collision (MCBC) models are appropriate for studying channeling effects since it is possible to include the crystal structure in the simulators. One major inadequacy of existing MCBC codes is that the electronic stopping of implanted ions is not accurately and physically accounted for, although it is absolutely necessary for predicting the channeling tails of the profiles. In order to address this need, we have developed a new electronic stopping power model using a directionally dependent electronic density (to account for valence bonding) and an electronic stopping power based on the density functional approach. This new model has been implemented in the MCBC code, UT-MARLOWE The predictions of UT-MARLOWE with this new model are in very good agreement with experimentally-measured secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) profiles for both on-axis and off-axis arsenic implants in the energy range of 15-180 keV.

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