A New Flexible Rapid Thermal Processing System


A highly flexible Rapid Thermal Multiprocessing (RTM) reactor is described. This flexibility is the result of several new innovations: a lamp system, an acoustic thermometer and a real-time control system. The new lamp has been optimally designed through the use of a “virtual reactor” methodology to obtain the best possible wafer temperature uniformity. It consists of multiple concentric rings composed of light bulbs with horizontal filaments. Each ring is independently and dynamically controlled providing better control over the spatial and temporal optical flux profile resulting in excellent temperature uniformity over a wide range of process conditions. An acoustic thermometer non-invasively allows complete wafer temperature tomography under all process conditions - a critically important measurement never obtained before. For real-time equipment and process control a model based multivariable control system has been developed. Extensive integration of computers and related technology for specification, communication, execution, monitoring, control, and diagnosis demonstrates the programmability of the RTM.

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