Determination of Spin-Dependent Scattering Parameters of NiFe/Cu and Co/Cu Multilayers


We present magnetoresistance (MR) data of high-vacuum magnetron sputtered NiFe/Cu multilayers (NiFe=Ni80Fe20) grown on Si(100) substrates with a Cu buffer layer and compare these with earlier results on Co/Cu(100) multilayers [1]. Measured MR values are directly proportional to the antiferromagnetically coupled fraction in the multilayers. Extrapolating to full antiparallel alignment, we can make a reliable comparison of the MR with the magnetoresistance model of Levy, Zhang, and Fert [2,3]. For the NiFe/Cu multilayers the deduced spin-asymmetry parameters are \(\alpha _i^{\text{NiFe/Cu}} = 5.0 \pm 0.4\) and \(\alpha _b^{\text{NiFe}} = 2.1 \pm 0.3\) for interface and bulk scattering, respectively. Although much smaller than in our Co/Cu multilayers, where \(\beta _i^{Co/Cu} = 21 + 3\) and \(\alpha _b^{Co} = 2.6 + 0.3\), it is still the spin dependence of the interface scattering that is the main cause for the large MR values.

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