Induced Magnetic Anisotropy of Sputter NiFe Thin Films on Thin Tantalum Nitride Underlayer


The structure and properties of sputter NiFe thin film deposited on both thermal oxide and thin tantalum nitride have been studied. The magnetic anisotropy field HK increases to 8.2 Oe when the NiFe film was deposited on a thin tantalum nitride underlayer. Anisotropic stress was found on the sample film with tantalum nitride underlayer. Results of X-ray diffraction show that a thin tantalum nitride underlayer appears to promote a preferred crystalline orientation formation of the NiFe film. The induced magnetic anisotropy is attributed to the formation of the preferred crystalline orientation and the induced anisotropic magnetoelastic energy which is associated with the anisotropic stress of the sample film.

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