Blocking of Magnetic Long Range Order Between the Monolayer and the Double Layer of Fe(110) on W(110)


In extension of a recent study on submonolayer magnetism of Fe(110) on W(110) [1], we observed the interplay of morphology and magnetic order in Fe(110)-films prepared on W(110) at 300 K, in a range of coverages θ between the pseudomorphic monolayer (θ = 1) and the pseudomorphic double layer (θ = 2), using a combination of STM, SPLEED, CEMS and TOM. Whereas the Curie-temperatures of the monolayer and the double layer are given by Tc(ML) = 230K and Tc(DL) = 450K, respectively, we observe in an interval of 1.20< θ < 1.48 ML a gap of magnetic long range order, for temperatures down to 115K. In CEMS, we observe superparamagnetic fluctuations for T < Tc(ML), but magnetic short range order for T < Tc(ML). The surprising blocking of long range order in the gap can only be explained from a quasi-antiferromagnetic indirect coupling between double-layer islands.

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