Some Characteristics of X-Ray Multilayered Thin Films Made with A Plasma Controlled System


Multilayered structures with small periods were fabricated using RF-magnetron sputtering device. The conditions of deposition and small changes in the plasma during all deposition period was investigated by optical emission spectroscopy. We studied influence of different parameters (pressure, power, sputtered material) to emission lines corresponding to the working gas Ar and W or Si. Structure and properties of multilayers were estimated, using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and small-angle x-ray (1.54 Å) scattering techniques. The results was compared with emission line intensities of Ar, W and Si and self-bias data written for each layer with computer during multilayer fabrication. Wediscuss X-ray reflection properties of multilayers fabricated under our conditions and correlation of emission spectroscopy analysis data with another parameters of plasma (self-bias).

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