Structure and Novel Electrical Effects in A-Si:H Based Multilayers Containing Discontinuous Metal Sublayers


Multilayer systems (MLS) were prepared by alternating deposition of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) and transition metal (Mo,Ti,V) sublayers. The thickness of the a-Si:H sublayers deposited by either dc-magnetron sputtering or rf-glow discharge deposition is in the range from 65 nm to 85 nm. The nanodisperse structure of the metal sublayers with a nominal thickness below 4 nm was verified by transmission electron microscopy, scanning force microscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry. The discontinuous metal sublayers were formed by chains of metal clusters. The appearance of novel electrical phenomena was observed. These are a reversible switching effect in conduction and giant current fluctuations. The validity of the T−1/2 -law for the temperature dependent conductivity was confirmed. In this study explanations for some of these effects are given considering the structural peculiarities of the nanodisperse multilayers.

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