Study of Electron Transport in a-Si:H p-i-n Diodes: Use of the Transient Space-Charge-Limited-Current Technique


A full and detailed transient space-charge-limited current (T-SCLC) study of a-Si:H p-i-n diodes has been carried out in the time range from 108s to 10s. In the short-time regime, general features of T-SCLC such as the current cusp and the carrier extraction period were observed, and related transport parameters were deduced. Electron emission from deep states was studied by measuring the current transients well beyond the extraction time. The emission time is thermally activated at temperatures higher than 250K and levels off at lower temperatures. The high temperature behaviour places the upper edge of the deep states at 0.42–0.52eV below the conduction band edge, and the attempt-to-escape frequency in the range of 1011-1013Hz. An observed shift of emission time with light intensity is attributed to defect relaxation.

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