Tin Dioxide Films Prepared by a Rapid Chemical Vapor Deposition Method


A rapid chemical vapor deposition method was studied for the preparation of tin dioxide films. The films were prepared under atmospheric-pressure on fused quartz and Si substrates at 200° to 600°C using bis(2,4-pentanedionato)tin as a source material. Sn02 films obtained at 300° to 600°C had polycrystalline rutile structures, while the film deposited at 200°C was amorphous judging from the XRD patterns. The deposition rate of Sn02 increased with increasing substrate temperature and vaporization temperature of the source material. The maximum deposition rate was 440 nm min”1. The transmittance of SnO2, deposited at Ts = 600°C, was more than 70% in the wavelength range 400-800 nm.

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