Producing and Controlling Substrate Temperature Uniformity from 600°C to 1100°C in CVD Rotating Disk Reactors


Rotating Disk Reactors used for Chemical Vapor Deposition have evolved into a leading manufacturing technology for several materials, including metals, compound semiconductors, oxides, suicides, and nitrides. One of the hurdles to be surmounted in bringing this technology into routine high yield manufacturing has been to produce and maintain a highly uniform temperature distribution over the deposition area. With our recent introduction of the real-time Rotating Wafer Thermal Imaging (RWTI) technique, we have made dramatic improvements in the implementation of multi-zone heating systems and producing a uniform deposition temperature. Using multi-zone heaters we have demonstrated wafer temperature uniformity of less than 2°C in the temperature range from 600°C to 1100°C for 50 mm substrates located on wafer carriers with diameters from 125 to 300 mm. The wafer temperature uniformity dependence upon process parameters such as reactor pressure, reactant flows, and wafer carrier rotation speed was investigated. We have shown that multi-zone heating systems can provide high wafer temperature uniformity over a wide range of the process parameters, whereas single zone heating can provide a high degree of wafer temperature uniformity only for a limited set of process parameters. The experimental data allowed us to establish requirements for the application of single and multi-zone heating systems in vertical MOCVD Rotating Disk Reactors.

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