13C Isotopjc Effect on the Raman Spectrum and Structure of C60 Fullerene


The Raman spectrum of 13C enriched C60 samples is recorded and analyzed in comparison with that of undoped 12C60. Comparison with the isotopic effect in diamond and in other infinite solid networks is also made.

A frequency shift depending on the amount of 13Q is observed for the C=C stretching vibration, without any splitting. This effect is unusual and is a proof that the C-C is not localized and its double bond character is not isolated but strongly coupled with other bonds in the cage. If the CC bond was independent as in small or non-spherical molecules such as organic compounds, an isotopic effect Δv ≃ 30 cm−1 for 12C=13C and Δ ≃ 60 cm−1 for 13C = 13C could be expected and a splitting could appear in the case of uncompleted 13C substitution and variable relative intensities could be observed. It is not the case of 13C60.

In isotopic C60, all C = C vibrations in the spherical network are strongly coupled; an average isotopic mass must be considered for the randomly distributed isotopic atoms in the material to interpret the experimental result. CßO has thus more solid than molecule behavior.

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