Electron Spin Resonance Investigations on Porous Silicon


The defect properties of as-etched, annealed and thermally oxidized nano-porous Si as well as self supporting macro-porous silicon layers are studied by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), photoluminescence (PL), optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR), and electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR). The paramagnetic defects observed are dangling bonds closely related to the Pb-center, the Si/SiO2 interfacial defect. In EPR a minimum defect density of 1016 cm−3 is observed for as-etched material, it reaches a maximum of 8 x 1018 cm−3 for samples annealed around 400°C. We quantitatively correlate the defect density with hydrogen desorption data and luminescence efficiency. In the ODMR experiments the same dangling bond centers are observed on the 1.7 eV luminescence band, but with increased sensitivity in the infra-red emission band at 1.15 eV. Electron nuclear double resonance experiments show that the dangling bonds are not solely bonded to Si neighbors but involve hydrogen and fluorine.

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