Pressure-Enhanced Interdiffusion in Amorphous Si/Ge Multilayers: Implications for Defect-Mediated Diffusion


We have studied the pressure-dependence of the interdiffusion rate in amorphous Si/Ge multilayers. Samples were annealed in an externally-heated diamond anvil cell at 693 K at pressures ranging from 0 to 3.1 GPa. Interdiffusion rates were determined by ex situ x-ray diffraction measurements of the decay of the artificial Bragg peaks associated with the multilayer periodicity. Scaling experiments were performed to factor out the effects of concentration and time dependence in the diffusivity. All samples showed a consistent increase in diffusivity with applied pressure, characterized by a negative activation volume ranging from -44±3 to -37±2 percent of the atomic volume of Si for films ranging in average Si composition from 25 to 71 percent, respectively. These results are consistent with a model for diffusion in amorphous Si and Ge based on dangling bond migration.

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