Microstructure and Reconstruction of LaAlO3 {100} and {110} Surfaces


Lathanum-aluminate (LaAlO3) is one of the optimum substrates for epitaxic growth of thin oxide films. In this paper, the structures of the {100} and {110} surfaces of annealed LaAlO3 are studied using reflection electron microscopy (REM). [010] and [001] steps have been observed on {100}, these are believed to be the lowest surface energy steps. The {100} surface is atomically flat, but the {110} surfaces exhibit high-density fine structures distributed on large surface terraces. These fine structures may correspond to the formation of small width (100) and (010) facets on the (110) surface. The 5×5 reconstruction is observed on {100}. No reconstruction is found on {110}.

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    Thanks to Drs D. van Heerden and J. Weissmuller for detailed comments and discussion.

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