Effects of Implantation Temperature on the Structure, Composition and Oxidation Resistance of Sic


ɑ-SiC crystals were implanted with aluminum to a high dose at room temperature or 800°C. Studies by transmission electron microscopy showed that SiC was amorphized by room temperature implantation but remained crystalline at 800°C. Crystalline aluminum carbide was formed and aluminum redistribution took place in SiC implanted at 800°C. Implanted and unimplanted crystals were oxidized in 1 atm flowing oxygen at 1300°C. Amorphization led to accelerated oxidation of SiC. The oxidation resistance of SiC implanted at 800°C was comparable to that of pure SiC. The oxidation layers formed on SiC implanted at both temperatures consisted of silica embedded with mullite precipitates. The phase formation during implantation and oxidation is consistent with thermodynamic predictions.

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