Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Metal Nanocluster-Silica Composites Formed by Sequential Implantation of Ag And Cu


Metal nanocluster-glass composites demonstrate unique optical properties and significant nonlinear response. In this work nanometer dimension metal colloids were formed in silica by sequential implantation of Ag and Cu ions. The Ag and Cu were implanted with relative ratios of Ag to Cu of 9:3,6:6, and 3:9 at a total nominal dose of 12xl016 ions/cm2. TEM techniques were used to examine colloid size and size distributions. The linear optical response was measured from 200 to 900 nm, while the nonlinear optical properties were measured using the z-scan technique at a wavelength of 570 nm. The linear and nonlinear optical properties were found to be dependent upon the ratio of sequentially implanted Ag to Cu and are consistent with effective medium theory.

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