Exafs Study of (La1-XCex)2Zr207


The local structures around Zr atoms such as coordination number of oxygen and cations, and the Zr-0 and Zr-Ln (Ln; La, Ce) interatomic distances in the (La1-xCex).2Zr2O7 Pyrochlore compounds (X = 0-0.25), where Ce is a simulation of actinides,were studied by means of extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectrometry. The local structure determined by EXAFS in this study is discussed in relation to the dissolution behavior of (La1-xCex)2Zr207 (leaching rates of Zr, La and Ce) in an acid solution (pH=1) at 363K reported previously. The difference in the local structure before and after leaching test was also investigated.

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