The Kinetics of the Order-Disorder Transformation in the Pt1Co1-xNix Alloy System


The kinetics of atomic ordering in a series of alloys in the Pt1Co1-xNix ternary system where 0<x<0.5 were investigated by magnetic measurements. For all the alloys, the ordering kinetics as monitored by the saturation magnetization as a function of isothermal ordering time at a series of specified ordering temperatures, were found to be exponentially time dependent. The associated time constant was found to have an Arrhenius temperature dependence characterized by an activation energy that, with increasing nickel concentration, initially increased to maximum value at a nickel composition of x ≃.2 and then systematically decreased. This result for the activation energy as a function of nickel content was found to correlate roughly with the behavior of the saturation magnetization of the ordered alloys, suggesting that the kinetics of the transformation in this alloy system is sensitive to the magnetic properties of the ordered state.

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