Thickness Effect on the Crystallization Kinetics of Electrolessly-Deposited Ni(P) Thin Films


In order to understand thickness and interfacial effects on the crystallization kinetics of amorphous solids, Ni(P) thin films electrolessly deposited on Cu seed layers were annealed at constant heating rates or at constant temperatures in a DSC to obtain activation energies and Avrami exponents. It was found that the activation energy of crystallization in Ni(P) changes as a function of sample thickness when the sample thickness is less than 1.0 μm. Furthermore, the Avrami exponent was found to change not only as a function of thickness but also as a function of annealing temperature.

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The authors would like to thank J.R. Marino for plating some of the Ni(P) films used, M. Plechaty for determining the composition of the Ni(P) material, K.N. Tu for inspiring and useful disussions, and L.T. Romankiw for a review of the manuscript.

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