Relaxation of New-Tpi Thermoplastic Polyimide Studied by Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Current


Semicrystalline polyimide, Regulus™ NEW-TPI, is a thermoplastic polyimide produced by Mitsui Toatsu. This aromatic polyimide possesses outstanding heat resistance, high tensile strength, excellent electrical properties, and strong solvent resistance. It has become the subject of recent study in our group [1-6] and others [7-13]. The flexible ether and meta linkages in the monomer unit lower its glass transition temperature (Tg) to 250°C in quenched amorphous material. The chemical repeat unit has been reported previously [1,13] and is shown below


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This research is supported by the Electric Power Research Institute, contract RP: 8007-13. The authors thank Mitsui Toatsu for film samples of Regulus™ and for support. The authors thank Prof. Lacabanne for helpful discussions about TSDC cell design.

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