Ion Beam Synthesis of IrSi3 by 1-MeV Ir Ion Implantation into Si(111)


The formation of a Si/IrSi3/Si heterostructure by 1-MeV Ir ion implantation and subsequent annealing has been studied for different doses (0.1-2.25 × 1017 Ir/cm2), substrate temperatures (450°-600°C) and annealing temperatures (1000°-1200°C) using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, ion channeling and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy. The heterostructure formation is observed to depend strongly on the processing conditions. The best structure, nearly continuous and precipitate-free, is obtained by implanting 1.8-2.0 × 1017 Ir/cm2 at a substrate temperature of 550°C and annealing at 1100°C for 5 h. A stoichiometric IrSi3 layer can also be produced by furnace annealing at 1150°C for 1 h or by rapid-thermal-annealing at 1200°C for 3 min. Other substrate temperatures generally lead to a structure with a discontinuous IrSi3 layer frequently interrupted by large surface precipitates or islands. The origin of these islands, as well as the dependence of the heterostructure on processing parameters, is discussed.

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