Ferroelectric Ceramics—The Sol-Gel Method Versus Conventional Processing


The sol-gel method for the preparation of ceramics and glasses has frequently been mentioned as more advantageous as compared to conventional methods. However, there are few known examples of a direct comparison for the same material. In the present work both the processing and resultant properties for ferroelectrics such as BaTiO3, KTaO3, KNbO3 and K(Ta,Nb)O3 made by both methods are directly compared. The uniformity is evaluated by high-angle x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy and EDAX and the dielectric properties are compared. The advantages and disadvantages of the sol-gel method are discussed.

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Correspondence to Edward Wu.

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We are grateful for the partial support of this research by the Directorate of Chemical and Atmospheric Sciences, Air Force Office of Scientific Research under Contract No. P49620-83-K-0003 and by the “MICRO” Program of the University of California with joint sponsorship of Hughes Aircraft Company.

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