Electrical Properties of Na2O - SiO2 Dried Gels


Gels with compositions Na2O-(1−x)SiO2 were prepared from tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) with sodium acetate and from tetramethylorthosilicate (TMOS) with sodium methoxide or TEOS with sodium ethoxide. After gelation (10 min.) the samples were slowly dried for about one month at room temperature. Thermogravimetric analysis (up to 500°C) in air and O2 atmosphere was performed. The electrical properties were studied in air by impedance spectroscopy during successive temperature cycles starting from room temperature dried gels of composition 0.10 Na2O·0.90 SiO2. Protonic conductivity appears to be eliminated after reaching the 2nd stage of the drying process (200°C). The activation energies for conduction and the conductivities show small discrepancies from known values for homogeneous glasses of equivalent compositions. Considering the effect of water on the conductivity of glasses prepared by the melting procedure, one can estimate the residual water content in the so-called dried gels to be close to 0.5 wt %.

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