Near Interface Oxide Degradation in High Temperature Annealed Si/SiO2/Si Structures


Degradation of 430 nm thick SiO2 layers in Si/SiO2/Si structures which results from high temperature annealing (1320°C) has been studied using electron spin resonance, infra-red absorption spectroscopy and refractive index measurements. Large numbers of oxygenvacancies are found in a region ≤ 100 nm from each Si/SiO2 interface. Two types of paramagnetic defects are observed following γ or X-irradiation or hole injection. The 1106 cm−1 infra-red absorption associated with O interstitials in the Si substrate is found to increase with annealing time. The infra-red and spin resonance observations can be explained qualitatively and quantitatively in terms of a model in which oxygen atoms are gettered from the oxide into the under or overlying Si, the driving force being the increased O solubility limit associated with the anneal temperature.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the help of Dr. J-L. Leray in X-irradiating the samples. The part of the work performed at Sandia National Laboratories was supported by the US Department of Energy under contract DE-AC04-93AL85000.

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