Structural and Electrical Properties of BaTio3 Thin Films Grown on p-Si Substrates with Different Device Designs


RF magnetron sputtering of BaTiO3 on (100) P-Si was performed to produce a high-quality BaTiO3/p-Si interface and BaTiO3 insulator gates with high dielectric constant and low leakage current. Through different processing and device designs, different capacitor structures, including single layer amorphous, single layer polycrystalline and bi-layer amorphous on polycrystalline, were investigated in this study. Raman spectroscopy showed the optical phonon modes of the BaTiO3 thin films with different structures. The structural properties of the films were characterized by X-ray diffraction. Using both the quasistatic and the high-frequency capacitance-voltage measurements, the interface-trap density was estimated at high 1011 eV−1cra−2. The relative dielectric constant of the composite structure was controlled in a range from 30 to 130. The leakage current density was as low as 8×l0−10 A/cm2 at a field intensity of (2±0.5)×l05 V/cm. Breakdown voltage varied from 5×l05 to 2×l06 V/cm.

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This work was supported by the New York State Science and Technology Foundation.

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