Adhesion Strength of Cu/Polyimide Measured by Continuous Micro-Wedge Scratch Test


A modified form of nanoscratch test, continuous micro-wedge scratch technique was applied to characterize the adhesion strength of 0.2 μm thick, 10 μm width sputtered copper fine lines on 50 μm thick solid PMDA-ODA polyimide films. A 20 μm width wedge-shaped diamond tip was used to mechanically debond Cu fine lines to polyimide substrate. Using a microindenter under control depth testing mode, critical loads for delaminations were obtained. The scratch morphology and the debonded areas were observed by scanning electron microscopy. The scratch test results by conical-shaped tip on plain films are also presented here and are compared to the results by wedge-shaped tip in fine metal lines. Practical work of adhesion of 4.1 J/m2 was calculated by FEM based on Immaterial fracture mechanism

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Support for this project are provided by Sheldahl Inc., The Center for Interfacial Engineering at University of Minnesota under the grant no. NSF/CDR-872(55), Cardiac Pacemaker, Inc. The authors would like to thank the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute for use of the Cray-X/MP computer.

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