Rapid Evaluation of Thin Film Interfacial Reactions Using Temperature-Ramped Measurements


We describe an approach for rapid evaluation of thin film interfacial reactions using a combination of temperature-ramped in situ measurements of sheet resistance, calorimetry and stress. Electrical, mechanical and thermal measurements at elevated temperatures provide detailed reaction information which is unavailable in room temperature measurements. Kinetic data is particularly useful in making comparisons with mechanistic models. The following examples are discussed:

  1. 1.

    Effects of interfacial oxygen on Ta as a diffusion barrier between Cu and Si

  2. 2.

    Effects of interfacial oxygen on the Cu/Mg reaction to form CuMg2 and Cu2Mg

  3. 3.

    Effects of the density of internal interfaces (grain boundaries) on Al2Cu dissolution and precipitation in Al-Cu alloys.

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