Giant Magnetoresistance in Single Layer and Multilayer Phase Separating Alloy Films


The phenomenon of giant magnetoresistance (GMR), previously measured only in multilayer films comprising ferromagnetic layers separated by nonmagnetic spacers, has recently been observed in single layer ‘granular’ alloy thin films prepared by co-sputtering a ferromagnet and a nonmagnet which tend to phase separate (cluster) under equilibrium conditions. We have systematically studied the magnetoresistance of two new phase separating GMR systems (Ni66Fe16Co18-Ag and CogoFe10-Ag) both of which exhibit large room temperature GMR (>11% and >14%, respectively). We have also attempted to influence the details of the field dependence of the magnetoresistance in the previously studied Co-Ag system by employing novel processing methods including interrupted sputtering and layering of the Co-Ag alloy with Cu spacers.

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Acknowledgement is made to the National Science Foundation (grants DMR-8918403 and DMR-9157402), the National Storage Industry Consortium Advanced Technology Program, and the MINT Center at The University of Alabama for support of this research.

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