Magnetic Ordering of Mn Overlayers on Fe(100)


Spin polarized electron energy loss spectroscopy (SPEELS) was used to probe the magnetic state of Mn overlayers on Fe(100). Non¬zero exchange asymmetries are measured and found to oscillate with a two monolayer period as the Mn overlayer thickness is varied, proving that the surface layer of the Mn overlayers has a net magnetic moment and that these (100) magnetic layers are aligned antiferromagnetically. The average exchange splitting of the Mn surface layer is found to be 2.9 eV, indicating that the Mn surface has a magnetic moment of the order 3 uB. In addition, oxidized Mn overlayer surfaces have been studied, and the spectral features in the range 0 to 6 eV energy loss can be assigned to 3d-3d transitions of Mn2+. No indication of magnetic ordering of the MnO overlayer has been oserved.

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