Magnetic and Transport Behavior of Af-Coupled Layers with a Limited Number of Repetitions


We investigated the magnetization behavior of [(Co/Pd)4-Ru]x samples with perpendicular anisotropy and a limited number of repetitions (x = 1,..,22). In these systems the Co/Pd multilayers behave as single magnetic entities. A detailed analysis and comparison of the magnetization curves observed by MOKE and VSM permits us to observe the magnetization reversal and hysteresis of the individual layers and to determine the antiferromagnetic coupling J between each pair of layers. A gradual increase in J is observed in all samples when going from the bottom layer to the top layer. Magnetoresistance curves show the same sharp transitions as the magnetization curves. A clear distinction can be made between an outer layer and an inner layer. These results will be compared with model calculations.

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This research was supported in part by the European Community Science Project: ESPRIT3 Basic Research, Study of Magnetic Multilayers for Magnetoresistive Sensors’ (SmMmS).

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