Dislocation Motion in Metals Investigated by Means of Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


We report the first use of nuclear magnetic resonance to investigate dislocation motion in metals. The spin-lattice relaxation rate in the rotating frame T −1 , of 27Al in polycrystalline, ultrapure Aluminium foils has been measured as a function of plastic-deformation rate έ for two different temperatures (77K and 300K). For έ = 0, the relaxation rate is determined by conduction electrons. For a finite deformation rate έ, an additional contribution to the relaxation rate arising from fluctuations in the nuclear quadrupole interaction due to dislocation motion is observed. From the motion-induced part of the relaxation rate the mean jump distance of a mobile dislocation is calculated which is determined by the density of lattice defects acting as obstacles for moving dislocations.

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