Lamellar Interfaces and Their Contribution to Plastic Flow Anisotropy in TiAl-Based Alloys


Lamellar γ/α2 TiAl deforms much more easily in the plane of the lamellae (soft mode) than across the lamellae (hard mode). This plastic anisotropy is caused by the soft mode being softer and the hard mode being harder than in monolithic TiAl. The suggested explanations are that the y phase is softened by interstitial gettering, that an extra soft mode exists because superdislocations can channel along interfaces and that the hard mode is dominated by the Hall-Petch effect.

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PMH acknowledges support from USAF contract no. F33615-91-C-5663. BKK acknowledges stimulating exchanges with Dr. Robert Asaro, Dr. Richard Beanland and Dr. Pavan Nagpal.

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