The Role of Dispersoids in Mechanically Alloyed NiAl


Mechanical alloying followed by hot extrusion has been used to produce fully dense, crack free, very fine grained NiAl-based alloys containing a bimodal distribution of aluminum oxide dispersoids. The unique microstructure provides the materials with high strength and good compressive ductility at ambient and elevated temperatures. The emphasis of the paper is on the importance of the dispersion phase in controlling grain size, texture, deformation mechanisms and ultimately mechanical properties of the mechanically alloyed NiAl-based materials.

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This research was supported by Air Force Office of Scientific Research, under the technical direction of Dr. Alan H. Rosenstein (grant No. 90-0152B). The authors wish to thank Dr. Rosenstein, Dr. J.S. Kallend (IIT), Dr. J. D. Whittenberger (NASA Lewis), and Dr. D. B. Miracle (AFWAL/MLLM) for helpful discussions, and Dr. Whittenberger and Captain Dr. Chuck Ward of AFWAL/MLLM for extruding the material. We wish to thank GE Aircraft Engines for supplying the cast ingot.

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