HIP Synthesis of Two-Phase MO-TI-SI Alloys


The possibility of producing novel microstructures in MoSi2 materials was examined by HIP reacting MoSi2 and Ti powders at 1400°C/207MPa to produce a two-phase MoSi2-based alloy. The HIP reaction produced MoSi2 + hexagonal (Mo0.42,Ti0.58)5Si3. The (Mo0.42,Ti0.58)5Si3 was composed of 0.5μm diam., equiaxed grains, and the average MoSi2 grain size was reduced by the reaction. Preliminary compression testing showed no loss of strength compared to single-phase MoSi2, and two-phase specimens were compressible to 24% strain without any cracking. The (Mo0.42,Ti0.58)5Si3 Phase appeared to be plastically undeformable even at 1400°C.

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This work was performed under AFOSR contract number F49620-90-C-0030. The authors would like to thank the contract monitor, Dr. A. Rosenstein, for his support.

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