TEM Investigation of Si/βFeSi2/Si (100) and (111) Heterostructures Formed by Fe Implantation


Si/βFeSi2/Si (100) and (111) structures were obtained by implantation of 450 keV Fe+ ions with a dose of 6×1017 Fe+ ions/ cm2 into Si substrates. A continuous buried βFeSi2 layer with thickness of 250 nm was formed during subsequent annealing. By transmission electron microscopy it has been found that for (100) Si the layer consists of βFeSi2 grains with lateral dimensions of approximately 0.5 µm and for (111) Si of grains of 5 µm in size. The βFeSi2 films exhibit a high degree of epitaxy with the Si substrate. A detailed structural examination shows the occurrence of several epitaxial relationships of βFeSi2 with the Si substrate. In contrast to two-dimensional surface growth techniques, the formation of a buried layer by implantation occurs by a three-dimensional growth process by the coalescence of βFeSi2 precipitates. The different orientations of the βFeSi2 grains in the buried layer are already established by the orientation of the precipitates formed during implantation.


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