Enhanced Conductivity in n-Type Microcrystalline Silicon


Phosphorus doped μc-Si:H films have been prepared in a PECVD system from SiH4 + PH3 + H2 gaseous mixtures. The films are obtained as a result of the competition between two simultaneously occuring processes: a deposition one and an etching one due to the high concentration of hydrogen in the plasma. This competition process favours the growth of films with crystalline structure.

Highly conductive µc-Si:H layers, in the range of 20 ~ 30 S.cm−1, were obtained for samples in the range of 70 to 85 nm thick. From Raman Dispersion Spectroscopy and X-Ray Diffraction measurements, evidences of the dominant role of the crystalline phase in the charge transport mechanisms are shown.

Through Infrared Spectroscopy measurements it was possible to obtain the concentration of the SiHn groups on the μc-Si:H n+ structure and to Infer their role on the electrical properties of the films.

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The authors are indebted to Marcelo N.P. Carrefio, M.Sc., for the treatment of IR data.

This work was supported by FINEP and RHAE/CNPq.

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