Crystallinity Analysis of Amorphous-Crystalline Mixed Phase Silicon Films Using EXAFS Method


The crystalline phase fraction (Xc) of amorphous-crystalline mixed phase Si films prepared by thermal annealing of a-Si:H films and by plasma CVD and chemical annealing methods was investigated by the EXAFS method. The EXAFS spectra of these films were represented by linear-combination of a-Si:H and c-Si EXAFS spectra. The values of Xc were analyzed by least-square curve fitting. The crystallinity was also analyzed by a Raman scattering method measured from both sides of the films. Then, the Xc values analyzed by the Raman method were calibrated by the EXAFS analysis results.

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The authors would like to thank Mr. Y. Kita and Mr. K. Hashimoto for their help for the sample preparation. Thanks are also due to Drs. T. Minemura, K. Onisawa, Y. Kozono and N. Kinjo for their helpful discussion and encouragement. This work has been performed under approval of the National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (Accepted No. 92–006).

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