Transport and Microstructure of Microcrystalline Silicon Alloys


The microstructure and electrical properties of μc-Si and μc-Si,C prepared by remote plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition, PECVD, are reviewed. The microstructure has been characterized by transmission electron microscopy, TEM, infrared, IR, absorption and Raman scattering. The electrical properties were characterized by temperature-dependent dark-conductivity measurements. These studies have explained significant quantitative differences between the carrier transport properties of μc-Si and μc-Si,C alloys in terms of a band offset model for the interfacial potential steps between the amorphous and crystalline constituents of these material systems.

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We acknowledge support for this research from NREL, the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation. We acknowledge the assistance of B. Bernhard and R.J. Nemanich (both from Raleigh) in the Raman scattering measurements. We also acknowledge helpful and informative discussions with Drs. W. Beyer (Jülich) and H. Overhof (Paderborn).

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