Study of Photoluminescent Thin Film Porous Silicon on Sapphire


Photoluminescence in porous silicon on sapphire (SOS) prepared through chemical staining and photo-initiated chemical etch is demonstrated. SOS consists of single crystal quality material on a transparent substrate through which photoluminescence can be excited and observed. Porous silicon films as thin as 270 nm are shown to photoluminesce. This study explores the effect of varying film thickness and crystal quality on the photoluminescent emission from porous silicon. Introduction of crystal defects by ion implantation is used to create controlled damaged layers prior to fabricating porous silicon. No photoluminescence is observed from chemically stained or electrochemically etched amorphized layers. Corroborative results are obtained using LPCVD deposited amorphous silicon layers.

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The authors thank M. J. Sailor of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Chemistry department for use of the CCD spectrum analyzer and K. Kavanagh of UCSD Electrical and Computer Engineering department for assistance with TEM analysis. This work was funded by the Independent Research (IR) program at NCCOSC, RDT&E Division.

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Postdoctoral Fellow from Office of Naval Technology, administered by the American Society for Engineering Education

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