Formation and Characterization of Ohmic Contacts on Diamond


Low resistance ohmic contacts have been fabricated on a naturally occurring lib diamond crystal and on polycrystalline diamond films by B ion-implantation and subsequent Ti/Au bilayer metallization. A high B concentration was obtained at the surface by ion implantation, a postimplant anneal and a subsequent chemical removal of the graphite layer. A bilayer metallization of Ti followed by Au, annealed at 850°C, yielded specific contact resistance values (as measured using a standard transmission line model (TLM) pattern) of the order of 10−5 Ω cm2 for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown polycrystalline films and the natural lib crystal. Specific contact resistance values have also been determined from circular TLM measurements on CVD films and the values compared to those from standard TLM measurements. These contacts were stable to a measurement temperature of ∼400°C and no degradation due to temperature cycling was observed.

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The authors are grateful to M. L. Hartsell, Drs. L. S. Piano and C. Kao, for providing the diamond films used in this study; Drs. J. A. von Windheim and D. L. Dreifus for their expert advice and support in circular TLM measurements and also for providing the Hall data; R. B. Henard for assistance in metallization; L. W. Linholm, National Institute of Standards & Technology for suggestions on circular TLM measurements: G. A. Kim, Edge Technologies for diamond films polishing; and Dr. L. J. Kroko for providing ion implantation services.

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